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This is the South American site of The Pagan Federation International, a division of the Pagan Federation, one of the larger and more traditional associations of Pagans, founded 30 years ago in England.

The Pagan Federation is a non-profit organization directed by Pagans for Pagans. We provide information on Paganism and counter misconceptions about the religion. The Pagan Federation operates in many countries with the South America division assisting Latin America.

To your left we have provided links to information on the Pagan Federation, on many of diverse currents of modern Paganism, some Pagan contact addresses, and select pages on the Internet, including a link to The Pagan Federation's main website (in English), as well as information on how to join PFI - South America (PFI-SAM). Complete information about afiliation may be asked to Coordinator for PFI-SAM.

As you will see, the words "Pagan" and "Paganism" are written with an initial capital letter. Pagan always refers to a practitioner of a religion considered Pagan, whether modern or ancient; basically those religions which are not monotheistic and which recognize the masculine as well as the feminine aspect to Deity. Paganism is always capitalised to refer to this group of religions. Similarly, it was decided to keep the capital initial for words such as Sorcerer, xxxxx, Druid, among others to separate them from common popular usage that, in many cases, simply means non-Christian, with a pejorative connotation. This is not the meaning used here.

Our main objective is to present, succintly, a little introductory information on some of the main sources of modern Paganism, as well as basic information for those interested in joining the Pagan Federatrion International.

National Coordinator for South America - Pagan Federation International

The PF logo has been officially authorised by the Pagan Federation for use by the Pagan Federation South America.


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